Monday, October 1, 2018

Fireforge Games: Forgotten World: Fantasy Figures Kickstarter

Fireforge Games: Our intent is to bring to life an entire new range of fantasy models, perfect for your fantasy wargames and roleplaying campaigns.  

Fireforge Games is an italian company with expertise in the creation and distribution of multi-part 28mm, miniature figures. Our products are made with Hard Plastic (HIP – High Impact Polystyrene) or resin to assemble and paint. The production of our kits will take place in the EU, completely under our quality control. Here at Fireforge, our employees are passionate and long-time wargamers and hobbyists, and this passion is the main motivation behind our work. Our goal is to give you (and ourselves of course), fun and entertainment with our figures and games.  

This Kickstarter campaign seeks funds to release six units for the first two Forgotten World's factions; the Northmen and the Living Dead. Below you will find a complete description of all the plastic kits, which will be released upon a successful Kickstarter; including our future available options and many pictures of assembled and painted figures, representing the final product. Check the full Kickstarter here

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Balligfcjd said...

Awesome Kickstarter with miniatures in HARD PLASTIC! Fireforge has already made a bunch of great minis before and according to their own info these are supposed to be even better in terms of possible poses, unique equipment and so on. I already backed for a starter set. I just hope the ruleset will be good also :)

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