Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Plastic Soldier Company: 15mm Leopard 1 Kit Pre-Order

The Plastic Soldier Company: New 15mm Leopard 1 plastic kit up for pre-order! 5 model tanks in the box. Options to build A1/A3 or Canadian C1 variants . We couldn't get the A1/A2, A5 or Gepard as the frame size was just getting too big - these options will be in another kit Due beginning of November (probably earlier but we are erring on the side of caution!) but pre-order now to be the first to get this sought after kit and be entered into a prize draw to win:- 1st prize - £50 worth of your choice of PSC kits 2 x 2nd prize - £20 worth of your choice of PSC kits.

1 comment:

karim rouichi said...

this company is planning soviet 15mm cold war infantry. just 60 more people need to order then it will be made!

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