Saturday, December 31, 2016

Eureka Miniatures: Interwar British Civil War - Road Kill Vehicles and Crew

Eureka Miniatures released these 28mm scaled resin vehicles, metal parts and drivers allowing dozens of configurations for your pulp adventures or British Civil War games. Pictures by Huascar

Edit 09/01/2017 - These models can be ordered by emailing Nick over at Eureka Miniatures. available are three resin car bodies and loads of metal car and crew options!


pitac said...

I was unable to find, anyone have a link?

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

To be honest, haven't found them myself on their website but you could send them an email as I know some of their newer miniatures aren't listed on their website. Cheers!

Peter said...

Eureka is a bit slow getting stuff up on their website (they are also in the process of developing rules for the range). I picked these cars up from Nic at a show. If you send him an email he will sort you out. There are currently three car bodies available with a wide range of bits.