Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Griffon Publishing Studio: Free Valley of the Ape Tabletop Game of Jungle Exploration and Monster Hunting for Kids

Griffon Publishing Studio: Are You Brave Enough to Enter the Valley of the Ape? Grab your free copy here.

Seek out fantastic treasure and capture the giant ape before other explorers beat you to the prize. In this adventure game for kids you create your own jungle terrain, scatter the encounter tiles (with hazards or treasures) across the valley, and send bands of toy soldier figures to seek fame and riches.

These rules provide guidelines for playing the game and suggestions for creating your own customized board and pieces. You’ll also need lots of six-sided dice and a few rulers. Valley of the Ape distills core miniature wargaming concepts of movement and attack to help kids learn the basics while enjoying the game. Each player gets a rules summary card customized to their particular explorers: intrepid British troopers, brave tribal warriors, fanatical dervishes, and a determined big-game hunter and his bodyguards. Encounter tiles provide objectives to explore: maybe they’re valuable treasures to retrieve, but they might also hide deadly jungle hazards! Beware Mungo, the giant ape who lives in the ruins at the valley’s heart...he protects his home and attacks anyone who ventures too close. Capture the giant ape to win the game, but greedy treasure hunters can collect enough riches to win, too!

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