Monday, December 17, 2012

Fighting 15's Miniatures: Cheap Fanticide Miniatures

Just found this excellnt news from Fighting 15's Miniatures: A number of the figures for Fanticide from Alien Dungeon are available in Eureka Miniatures' own ranges of 10mm, 18mm and 28mm figures. Fighting 15s has now created a section for these figures on our website.

Ranges used include the 28mm Winged Fezzed Monkeys for Kingdom of Odd, the 28mm Satyrs for Fae Satyrs, and elements of the 18mm range and 10mm range for Fae Forest Father and Fae Brownies and Sprites. Fighting 15s will be stocking the 28mm Liberi centaurs shortly. Eureka Miniatures does not, however, provide all the elements for these factions.

Fighting 15s usually has stocks of these figures, but they are not inexhaustible. However, shipping of Fanticide-related figures will be given priority when we order from Eureka Miniatures, and with shipping coming direct from the manufacturer, we aim to keep delays to a minimum.

Of course, you can go completely official and pay £8.00 GBP or so for, say, a Fanticide-badged Liberi centaur chief, or you can wait a bit till we have stocks and get an identical Eureka Miniatures one from Fighting 15s at £3.90 GBP.  Except for specific sets from Eureka Miniatures, such as the flying carpet and monkey command groups, Fighting 15s also allows the figures to be bought individually.

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