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Friday, November 9, 2012

Victrix Miniatures: New Greek Mercenary Hoplites

Hadn't mentionned these nice cool new plastic miniatures from Victrix Miniatures.

"These figures represent Ancient Greek Hoplites of most of the City States of Greece and  the Mercenaries who fought for and against the Persian Empire. They can also be used for the many Mercenary Hoplites who fought during the Peloponnesian War and for the Thessalian tyrant Jason of Pherae and the Phocians during the Sacred War – just to give you a few examples."

"One of the reasons we produced a fourth set of Hoplites was that we could not fit all of the head options we wanted to put in the Athenian set. We felt it necessary to produce this extra set to add the variety of helmet styles so common in Greek Hoplite phalanxes. These figures can be freely mixed with the Athenian and Theban sets in the same units, adding huge scope for individuality in your Hoplite units."

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