Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crooked Dice: Thalos and the Argonauts!

Hi, I just found this great news form the lads at Crooked Dice: "... They're sort of post war, but also sci-fi - and even useful for Fantasy and Myths and Legends games! Anyway, we've been working on these for a while and they're nearly ready for release. The Argonauts are the mechanical minions of Dr Argo from our 7TV background and Talos is Argo's giant henchman."

"Due to their size, we looked at various means of production to try and keep them affordable for everyone. Andy at Ainsty came up trumps with his new polyurethane resin and some quality castings, and he's casting away to get stock ready for a 01 December release."

"All three come with separate arms and heads - and you can swap the Argonaut arms between both models for added variety. Kev Dallimore has already painted some up - and we are delighted with them!"

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