Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Anvil Industry: New weapons released!

Hi, I just found these new weapons from Anvil Industry which is steadily becoming the source for quality resin miniatures and conversion bits. These weapons as you can see are casted with much precision allowing no room for bubbles or annoying pieces of resin residue. As you can see each of this weapons can be easily converted or upgraded by using other ammunition magazines and barrels, you can even add tripods and scopes if you fancy!

Here's another version of the gun shown above covered with extra components which can be bought together with the actual gun or separet so you can convert other weapons from Anvil Industry or from other well-known manufacturers. I especially like the scoped rifle as shown below it would fit a Space Marine Scout with ease!

Another new weapon is this useful side arm, good for close combat and making last stand on alien infested planets! Every soldier should be issued one and keep in mind save the last bullet when facing hordes of savage aliens. Interested in even more weapons and conversion pieces why don't take a look at their catalogue?

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